Monday, 20 June 2011

Suzy with the Button Black Eyes

A Brief Introduction
This is the introduction to Suzy with the Button Black Eyes. It is a story being currently published in a private local newsletter. Each newsletter contains a Chapter. It is entirely fictional but the muse is my dearly departed Missy, who passed away at 19 years of age after a long and brave battle with a heart murmur. The grief one feels at the passing of a true and constant companion is extreme. This story and the devotion of a few new and old friends got me through the darkest part.

Suzy with the Button Black Eyes: Chapter One
At 40 years of age, Jane accepted her life as it was. Though her life did not in any way look as she had imagined, she didn’t care. It was not that Jane felt too depressed with her situation that she did not fight to have her life be as she dreamed it would. Instead, Jane did not fight since she believed her life was as it should be. At 40 years of age Jane was content for the first time in her life.
Jane sat in her favorite lawn chair under the huge maple tree in her back yard. The morning smelt fresh, with a soft warm spring breeze, scented of freshly cut grass. She could feel that summer was not far off. As she sipped her coffee, Jane knew that today was going to be a wonderful day. Today she had plans which she had been looking forward to for many months.
© Holly Ballantyne June 2011

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